Buyers of outputs of biorefineries willing to secure their sourcing at competitive prices.

Compliance and impact upgraded thanks to technologies up-cycling, analysing and rewarding wastewater. 

Everybody or every sector of activity generates wastewater! Wastewater can be a valuable raw material.

Prana Sustainable Water

Products generating residues  that enable an efficient wastewater circular economy

Sellers of wastewater by-or recovered products (e.g. wastewater  bio-refineries) benefit from our proactive matching services.

Wastewater based epidemiology.

Prana Sustainable Water

The WasteWater Exchange-  the WA2REX®  WAsteWater and BioWAste Recycling&Rewarding EXchange – matching offers and demands of bio-wastes and of wastewater by- and recovered products for agriculture, for renewable energy, for green transport and/or for other basic needs goes beyond circular economy by:

– pro-actively reducing production and health risks and costs;
– maximising the performance, impact and returns of bio-refineries as assets; 

– generating and allocating new purchase powers through a unique Back2You rewarding scheme.