Clean water, renewable energy, biofertilisers and other outputs from bio-refineries at competitive prices.

Compliance, measurable  impacts with the highest leverage effects and good returns. 

Wastewater and biodegradable wastes are rewarded as valuable raw materials.

Prana Sustainable Water

Profitable circular economy leaving no one behind adding value at each recycling.

Carbon offset, environment and biodiversity protection.

Wastewater based epidemiology management.

Prana Sustainable Water

Considering fundamental needs such as health and basic revenues that create consumer markets is a must. 

Today’s biggest social, environmental and economic challenges can be solved by analyzing, transforming and rewarding wastewater and biodegradable wastes.  In the context of today’s increasing stress on fresh water resources and on other vital elements, we offer a guarantee to keep working even in extreme events thanks to bio-electricity, bio-fertilizers and pure water from bio-refineries.   

Landco, our partner, is the patent holder and producer of autonomous bio-refineries used e.g. in Germany by Veolia, a global leader of wastes and wastewater recycling, and by many other key stakeholders (even in Antartica). 

Landco circular economy technology is available in two models: ready-to-use in containers; or modular with bio-gas plant(s). 

Landco bio-refineries can be decentralized, relocated, and networked.

Investing in Landco bio-refinery technology in the frame of the WasteWater&bio-Wastes Exchange enables to: 

  • Secure bio-refineries’ outputs (mainly renewable energy, fertilisers and/or clean water), enable drastic reduction of production costs and get safety nets thanks to our organised off-takes of those vital goods; 
  • Obtain strategic information to benefit directly from positive impacts on health (including wastewater-based epidemiology), jobs and reduced uncertainties generated thanks to the bio-refineries and to reduce interdependency risks, improve ESG (environmental-social and corporate gouvernance), green credential and shareholder value with good returns,
  • Benefit from our Back2You Rewards representing new purchase powers for weighted bio-wastes and/or smart-metered wastewater can be directly allocated to producers of goods or services (e.g. for micro-loans, financial inclusion and/or for public green transport).