It’s not worth to invest in anything that doesn’t consider the fundamental needs such as good health and basic revenues that create consumer markets. Today’s biggest social, environmental and economic challenges can be solved by analysing, transforming and rewarding wastewater resources that is constantly renewed.  In the context of today’s increasing stress on water and other vital resources, we offer a safety net guaranteeing to continue to work  even in extreme events to get bio-electricity, bio-fertilises and pure water where wastes are generated.   

Landco, our partner, is the patent holder of a bio-refinery technology that is used e.g. in Germany by Veolia the leader of wastes and wastewater recycler and by other key stakeholders even in Antartica. 

Landco technology is available basis 2 models: 

– ready-to-be-used mobile containerized bio-refineries,  
– modular biogas plants using Landco technology. 

Landco bio-refineries can be decentralised, relocatable, networked and equipped to detect and track virus outbreaks.

Investing in Landco bio-refinery technology in the frame of the WasteWater&bio-Wastes Exchange enables to: 

  • correlate trade finance with wastewater and bio-wastes infrastructure/collection finance and/or benefit advantageous conditions for deliveries of renewable energy, fertilisers and/or clean water; 
  • reduce interdependent risks, improve ESG, green credential and shareholder value with good returns,
  • get strategic information to benefit directly from positive impacts on health (including wastewater-based epidemiology), jobs and reduced uncertainties generated thanks to the bio-refineries. Our Back2You Rewards representing new purchase powers can be directly allocated to the investors in the case of loans or sales to smart-metered raw materials providers.