Plan, secure and benefit from organised resilience, solvency and competitive advantages

via a yearly subscription of USD 900,- for:

  • posting demands and/or getting alerts and priorities for products from transformed wastewater and/or bio-wastes such as renewable energy, bio-fertilisers, carbon offsets and pure water;
  • benefiting from our Back2You Rewards for your wastewater and/or bio-wastes and/or for your products or services that can be delivered and paid under our rewarding scheme and/or to get some loans reimbursed via rewarded supplies of biodegradable wastes and/or wastewater;  
  • obtaining alerts for investment opportunities in decentralised bio-refineries backed-up with off-take commitments for the outputs of those transformation plants and with secured sourcing of necessary raw materials (bio-wastes and wastewater) and therefore guaranteeing a good return on investments and a short pay-back period.

Our company reserves its rights to accept or refuse any membership requests. Members are not entitled to use our rights, trademarks and/or patent without our consent. Users of our solution and services authorize our company to use their data for our matching and rewarding services. Monthly reports on interdependency stress-tests for strategic management and for more resilience are offered to our members. 

Tip of the day, stop virus spread and protect yourself!  

Covid-19 can be spread by feral-oral route. Asymptomatic people might excrete the virus (see Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention). Contamination can happen via inhalation at toilets. 

Strengthening hygiene and disinfecting toilets to prevent fecal-oral and other virus transmission is recommended in addition to monitor wastewater and other actions to fight pandemic. 

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