Use our – free of charge – Form to become the enabler and beneficiary of:
  • a healthy environment and protected biodiversity via our circular economy and matchmaking solutions;
  • increased purchase power thanks to our Back2You rewarding scheme and reduced production costs and risks;
  • fighting virus spread through wastewater based epidemiology.
In addition to those advantages, our members can plan, get priorities and become more resilient via a yearly subscription of USD 1’800,-  through alerts for:
  • by-products from bio-refineries such as bio-electricity, bio-fertilisers and potable water;
  • carbon offsets and/or monthly reports on interdependency stress-tests for strategic resilience; 
  • investment opportunities in decentralised bio-refineries backed-up with off-take commitments for the outputs of those transformation plants and with secured sourcing of necessary raw materials (bio-wastes and wastewater) and therefore guaranteeing a good return on investments and a short pay-back period.

Our company reserves its rights to accept or refuse any membership requests. Members are not entitled to use our rights, trademarks and/or patent without our consent. Users of our solution and services authorise our company to use their data for our matching and rewarding services.

Picture: Landco containerised bio-refinery. 

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