Our members get  alerts for investment opportunities in decentralised wastewater transformation bio-refineries with the following advantages:

  • the option to be reimbursed in wastewater by-products (e.g. for commodity trade finance to make sure that their clients can continue to fulfil their commitments even in extreme events). In the context of today’s increasing water and other resources scarcity, this option is important. Investors, States, insurers, traders and other transactions catalysts can benefit from TRADE FINANCE MERGED and CORRELATED WITH WASTEWATER INFRASTRUCTURE FINANCE through the  W2AREX.
  • an improved rating because the wastewater value chain means acting for public interest, jobs and for a decarbonised economy. The returns on investments are according to the proactive organised off-takes of wastewater by and/or recovered products of the bio-refineries is also reducing uncertainties and externalities reinforced by the analysis of wastewater for compulsory detection of virus (e.g. cholera, SARS_Covid, Ebola, poliomyelitis, meningitis) for early warnings and monitoring of virus outbreaks is a safety net and a way to reduce risks and uncertainties in investments, trades and insurance. ;
  • the extension of solvent markets thanks to our Back2You rewarding scheme representing new purchase powers that can  be directly allocated to the investors.

W2AREX® contract specifications:

To ease the scale-up of wastewater transformation (included wastewater-based epidemiology programs) and the correlation between trade and infrastructure finance we designed a W2AREX® forward contract representing wastewater transformation capacities  as follows: 

  • Contract Minimum Size: 100m3
  • Deliveries option: bio-cement, energy (e.g. Power Purchase Agreements), Fertilisers, clean water (for irrigation according to the ISO 16075 or drinkable), and other recovered or by-products from wastewater embedded or not in some products or services
  • Maturities: monthly
  • Settlement: as per smart-metered data
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