It’s not worth to invest in anything that doesn’t consider the fundamental needs such as good health and basic revenues. Our members get  alerts for investment opportunities in decentralised wastewater transformation factories with the following advantages:

  • reduced investment risks thanks our market solution organising and securing the off-takes of wastewater by-products. This leads also to carbon compensations. Investors get first refusal option on wastewater by-products:  in the context of today’s increasing water and other resources scarcity, this option is a safety net guaranteeing to work and/or even in extreme events.  This enables also to correlate trade finance with wastewater infrastructure finance.
  • get the means to answer interdependent risks with good returns and benefit directly from positive impacts on health (including wastewater-based epidemiology), jobs and reduced uncertainties. 
  • additional solvent markets thanks to our Back2You rewards representing new purchase powers that can  be directly allocated to the investors in case of loans or sales from the investors to the wastewater providers.

W2AREX® investment contract specifications:

To ease investments in the necessary scale-up of wastewater transformation (including virus detection for early warnings)  we designed a W2AREX® forward contract representing wastewater transformation capacities  as follows: 

  • Contract Minimum Size: 100m3/day with a base of two years commitment for 200m3/day (= amortisation period for a containerised bio-refinery producing potable water, bio-fertilisers and renewable energy) 
  • Deliveries option: bio-cement, energy (e.g. Power Purchase Agreements), Fertilisers, clean water (for irrigation according to the ISO 16075 or drinkable), and other recovered or by-products from wastewater 
  • Settlement: as per smart-metered data
Independent validator for the social licence to operate: has water, hydrology, wastewater, health and agri mapping expertise and collaborates with States, United Nations, Institutions active in water resources management and the Civil Society.