Back2You Rewards for wastewater, this valuable resource!

Our Back2You Rewards give the following advantages :

– the producers of goods improving upgradability and/or reusability  of wastewater (e.g. the biodegradable laundry soap) can get part of the margins of wastewater circular economy to become more competitive, 

– the suppliers of wastewater with quality for efficient and profitable transformation (mainly into renewable energy, clean water and bio-fertilizers) get:

  • their expenses for wastewater treatment reduced or eliminated, 

  • goods or services as Back2You rewards for their contribution to a cleaner environment,

  •  early warnings, monitoring and tracking of virus detection in their wastewater;

– the stakeholders active in procurement,  financing, insurance or trading of goods and services prioritising inputs from transformed wastewater can benefit directly from our Back2You rewards for settlements.  For example; our rewards can be allocated to banks active in financial inclusion or in micro-credits: the reimbursement  can be directly via the valued and rewarded wastewater provided by the credit takers. 

The Back2You Rewards can be exchanged against:
 – products generating biodegradable residues enabling optimal wastewater circular economy;
– goods or services with inputs from wastewater or products recovered or made from wastewater;
– goods or services to become smart metered provider of wastewater.  

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We make sure that wastewater providers benefit from their raw materials through our Back2You rewarding services.

UNEP/UN Habitat wastewater definition

  • black water (excreta, urine and faecal sludge)
  • greywater (kitchen and bathing wastewater),
  • water from commercial establishments and institutions, hospitals; industrial effluent,
  • stormwater and other urban run-off; agricultural, horticultural
  • aquaculture effluent.