Back2You Rewards for smart-metered wastewater and bio-wastes

WasteWater and Biowastes are valuable resources that are constantly renewed and can be smart-metered and transformed in bio-refineries.   

Our Back2You Rewards offer the following advantages:

– the producers of goods enabling optimal up-cycling of wastewater (e.g. biodegradable laundry soap) can get part of the margins of the bio-refineries to become more competitive and gain more market share; 

– the providers of biodegradable wastes and/or wastewater get:

  • their expenses for wastewater treatment and/or collection reduced or eliminated, 
  • choices to exchange their loyalty points – under our Back2You Rewarding scheme – against goods or services embedding inputs from bio-refineries e.g. organic rice or internet packages,
  • early warnings, monitoring and tracking of virus detection in their wastewater;

– the stakeholders active in procurement, financing, insurance or trading of goods and services prioritizing inputs from transformed wastewater, can benefit directly from our Back2You Rewards for payment settlements from wastes or wastewater providers.  For example, our Rewards can be allocated to banks active in financial inclusion or in micro-credits: Reimbursement can be directly effected via the valued and rewarded wastewater provided by their credit takers. 

Back2You Rewards can be exchanged against:

 – products generating biodegradable residues, thus enabling an optimal wastewater circular economy (e.g. bio-cosmetics),

– goods or services with inputs recovered or made from wastewater (e.g. telecom services using renewable energy from wastewater),

– goods or services to become a smart metered provider of wastewater, e.g. equipment for access to improved sanitation and/or for rainwater harvesting and filtering.

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UNEP/UN Habitat wastewater definition:

  • black water (excreta, urine and fecal sludge)
  • greywater (kitchen and bathing wastewater),
  • water from commercial establishments and institutions, hospitals; industrial effluent,
  • stormwater and other urban run-off;
  • agricultural, horticultural and aquaculture effluent.