Shared Revenues of the WasteWater Value Chain

The more wastewater is transformed, the more nature can clean for free the environment, preserve the ecosystems and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The wastewater value chain is constantly evolving according to the upgrading of the biotechnological industry.

Our Back2You rewarding services are for:

  • investors, producers, hotels, procurement agencies and traders/distributors prioritizing value chains with transformed wastewater to increase leverage effects and positive economic impacts and stakeholders active in financial inclusion or micro-credits to make their clients benefiting those services and/or to be reimbursed via our rewarding tool;
  • some products such as cosmetics or biodegradable enabling efficient wastewater transformation such as the laundry soap
  • wastewater transformation plants, technologies or services contributing to release pressure on non renewable resources and circular economy.

Our rewarding scheme is to turn the “polluter pays” obligations into the option to get rewarding for your actions enabling efficient and profitable wastewater transformation (with virus detection and other analysis).  This shift from water and soils polluter to wastewater/raw material enricher for sustainable growth via our tracked or organised wastewater up-cycling is incentivised by our Back2You rewarding scheme for: 

– the suppliers of metered wastewater (and of organic solid wastes that can be added to wastewater) with optimal quality for efficient and profitable transformation (mainly into renewable energy, clean water and bio-fertilisers);  


– the producers of goods (e.g. organic soaps or cosmetics, food industries…etc) with residues adding value for profitable wastewater transformation;


– the procurements or financing (e.g. from States, banks or corporates) of goods and services prioritising inputs from transformed wastewater.