Our matching, consultancy and rewarding services are reserved only to our members adhering to the following GOALS and CONDITIONS: 

  • prioritise goods or services with inputs from wastewater when more competitive than from other alternative to reduce environmental, health and economic risks;
  • allow the greatest number of people to benefit from endemic management programs through wastewater analysis for detecting virus, contagious bacteria, antibiotic resistance and over-pollution;
  • promote wastewater supplies that generate profitable wastewater transformation and endemic management.


Our company reserves its rights to accept or refuse some membership requests.  Members are not entitled the use of our rights, trademark and/or patent without our consent. Users of our solution and services authorise our company to use their data for our matching, rewarding and branding services.

MEMBERSHIP FEES basis yearly subscriptions:

  • Matching services:
    • Buyers and sellers (e.g. utilities) of wastewater by-products: yearly subscription of CHF 600,- per product to get offers&demands matching alerts.
    • Suppliers of wastewater: yearly subscription of CHF 360,- per place to get biorefinery matching alerts.
    • Insurers, banks, investors, pension funds and/or other financial institutions looking for investment possibilities backed by our matching services: CHF 12’000/year include one customised wastewater interdependency stress-tests


  • Consultancy services for wastewater interdependency stress-tests and opportunities, smart-resilient cities and the automotive industry :

Our tailor made consultancy services start from CHF 9’600,- and include our monthly reports on wastewater interdependency stress-test.


  • Rewarding services:

o   products such as cosmetics, soaps or othe biodegradable products enabling efficient and profitable wastewater transformation: CHF 360,-/year to be promotes and/or potential matching with wastewater suppliers and/or biorefinery to get a reward basis wastewater transformation efficiency

o   goods or services (e.g. using renewable energy from wastewater) prioritizing inputs recovered or transformed from wastewater wishing to get our services or advocacy to benefit the wastewater value chain (including virus detection in wastewater) and promotion of their actions for acting simultaneously for the good sake of public health, environment and sustainable growth : CHF 1200,-/year include the access to our monthly wastewater interdependency stress-test

o   commodity trading companies or trade finance concluding deals months or years ahead of production or deliveries and requiring their commodity supplies to fulfill to use our matching services : CHF 700,-/year (instead of CHF 900,-) to get our monthly wastewater interdependency reports enabling them to reduce commodity risks and costs.

Membership is free for academic institutions or organisations representing the civil society (non UN or other international organisations) under those 3 combined conditions:

  • participating to studying the ethical, technological, economic, environmental and social questions linked to wastewater,
  • implementing together a wastewater value index based on evolving technologies in order to allow financial inclusion without disproportionate costs for the beneficiaries from disadvantaged populations,
  • promoting scientific achievements of projects improving the value of wastewater.