Real estates, villages and/or cities can become smart and resilient thanks to wastewater analysis for early warnings and get revenues through wastewater by-products such as renewable energy, fertilisers and/or clean water. 

Our services are 

1. to advice municipalities and/or companies  for the wastewater to be

  • analyzed for health matters: we act as safety net with solutions that can be linked to early warnings and/or wastewater based epidemiology tracking. Smart meters and/or sampling of wastewater for detecting the emergence of contagious diseases (via virus and bacteria) and for content analysis can be at sewage and/or at household levels and/or at different points of wastewater collection.  
  • transformed to generate value basis: we advise on upstream wastewater content, 
  • rewarded if related quality enables efficient wastewater: our Back2You services incentivise wastewater content to generate revenues and to reduce negative impacts on mixed wastewater on analysis for health matters and on efficient wastewater transformation

This empowers citizens and/or corporates and/or municipalities for early warnings and for knowing what to do to change wastewater content to benefit from our rewarding scheme. 

2. to integrate wastewater and organic solid wastes opportunities for

  • green mobility transport 
  • safe, local and sustainable food security
  •  for security stocks of energy (e.g. hydrogen), clean water and other needed insurance


3. to reduce domino effects and risks of internet and/or other dependence for basic needs in case of lock down and other extreme events