Our solution has been designed to make investments in the wastewater value chain (including  floods/storm water catchment) to benefit to and from smart, resilient and sustainable cities with impacts on:  

1.  on our health: by empowering citizens and/or corporates and/or municipalities for early warnings, monitoring and tracking through wastewater based epidemiology detecting the emergence of contagious diseases.  

2. on our economy:  the W2AREX is rewarding wastewater content enabling efficient wastewater circular economy to reduce production costs ans risks. It enables also to reverse the supply chains from wastewater to productions and consumptions. This can lead to:

  • green mobility and/or transport,
  • safe, local and sustainable food security,
  • security stocks of energy (e.g. hydrogen), clean water and other vital needs covered by the valuing of wastewater.

3. on our environment: greenhouse gas emissions, domino effects of drought/pollution/floods, cyber risks and/or other risks are cut through wastewater transformation with zero wastes. The local use of fertilisers and/or other wastewater by-products are easier, greener and cheaper than if packaged and transported long distances.