Estates, villages and/or cities can be smart, sustainable and resilient thanks to wastewater 
– analysis for early warnings and monitoring of virus outbreaks 
– transformation to secure sourcing of clean water,  renewable energy or vital needs 
– decentralised up-cycling with networked or off-grid options

Land fields can overflow, freshwater resources are being depleted and air, soil and water pollution are worsening. While wastewater currently contributes to these problems, it can also serve as a solution. Demands from cities for wastewater energy, soil conditioner and recycled water enable those cities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, remediate soils, attract investments in floods/storm water catchment and increase water and energy security.

Our services for smart, resilient and sustainable cities are: 

1.  to empower citizens and/or corporates and/or municipalities for those combined advantages:

  • safety net for health matters: wastewater based epidemiology by detecting the emergence of contagious diseases (via virus and bacteria) for early warnings, monitoring and tracking
  • economic security : the W2AREX is allocating revenues and/or rewarding wastewater content enabling efficient and profitable wastewater circular economy
  • decentralising wastewater bio-refineries to reduce negative impacts on mixed wastewater on analysis for health matters and on efficient wastewater transformation

2. to integrate wastewater and organic solid wastes opportunities for

  • green mobility and/or transport (*)
  • safe, local and sustainable food security
  •  for security stocks of energy (e.g. hydrogen), clean water and other needed insurance

3. to reduce the domino effects of drought/pollution/floods, cyber risks and/or other dependences for basic needs in case of lock down and other extreme events.  




The vehicle industry can benefit from our organised market considering wastewater interdependencies for the following opportunities: 

* Shift of the vehicles producing industries into bio-refineries industries

Through our solution reversing the supply chains, the vehicles manufacturers can get visibility for transport needs for goods embedding clean water, bio fertilisers or renewable energy from wastewater. This planning can be extended upstream for wastewater collection, infrastructures and transformation.

The scale-up of wastewater up-cycling technologies can be done by the shift of the automotive industry into profitable assembly factories of modular bio-refineries. The underlying market is based on population generating wastewater and getting revenues and/or live improvement via our Back2You rewarding services guaranteeing also a market stability for the automotive industry.

* WasteWater Vacuum Trucks and other vehicles for the wastewater circular economy

Our work reversing the supply chains and matching offers and demands of wastewater by- or recovered products can help to quantify the solvent needs for the collection of wastewater as raw material.  

Our agreements for detection of virus in raw sewage to monitor and to forecast outbreaks of corona or other contagious diseases can be used for transport (e.g. flights) and/or other matters. 

* WasteWater for powering green vehicles (*)

In addition to increased use of hydrogen and biofuels from algae grown on wastewater, some vehicle producers count on wastewater biogas to operate their fleet. We can offer matching opportunities for networks of wastewater utilities as energy recharging hubs for green mobility or transport.