Wastewater is a valuable raw material when answering certain criteria. Everybody generates everyday this unavoidable resource renewed constantly. About 380km3 of municipal and 600km3 of industrial wastewater are produced every year. Transforming it locally enables to secure the sourcing of clean water, renewable energy, fertilisers, polymers and other basic needs at cheaper costs.

We collect, filter and match offers and/or demands of wastewater by- or recovered products and of wastewater. 

The wastewater transformation can indeed be funded in by correlating trading, impact and infrastructure finance basis a transparent matching board for offers and demands of those wastewater by- or recovered products to be delivered at the biorefineries and/or embedded as inputs or footprints into different goods or services. This organized market is based on several ISO standards and the compulsory systematic virus detection for the non-industrial wastewater biorefineries for endemic management.

Our matching services are giving you the opportunities to benefit the organized transparent market.

Contacting us to post offers or demands of:

  • to off-take WasteWater by-products
  • to sell WasteWater By-products 
  • to supply and be rewarded for WasteWater supplies

is free.

Our company reserves its rights to accept or refuse some requests. We take a fee only upon matching. This does not entitle the use of our rights, trademark and/or patent without our consent. Users of our solution authorise our company to use their data for our matching, rewarding and branding services.